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    Helps Respir is an ecological infusion based on a soft combination of plants that promotes respiration. Softens the airways and helps relieve cough.

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    Eucalyptus of the best quality in bulk from the Helps Botanicals line. Benefit from its medicinal properties in a pleasant infusion.

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    Tilane linden, eucalyptus and thyme Helps Botanicals. Discover a perfect infusion to soften the throat in catarrhal processes.

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    Helps Botanicals Bulk thyme is an ideal natural expectorant for catarrhal processes.

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    Due to its content in echinacea, eucalyptus, mint, linden and thyme, Manasul Respir Immuno Protect facilitates respiratory health and contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. Contains 25 infusions in a traditional bag.

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    The combination of eucalyptus, thyme, linden flowers and mint leaves, letting you breathe a sigh relief.

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    Mint Poleo 100% natural with the best taste of La Tetera Azul. Individually wrapped sachets.

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    Our signature blend of aromatic ginger root with citrus notes of lemongrass

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    The sweet and fragrant flavor of licorice with the fervor of cinnamon.

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