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The intense aroma of tall-grown tea, the smoothness of chocolate, the sophisticated flavor of macadamia nuts and the smoothness of cocoa.


11,55 €

  • Teabox with 20 unwrapped pyramid tea bags
  • Teabox with loose herbal tea ( 115 g. - 38 infusions)
  • Bag with 25 pyramid individually wrapped
  • Bag with 60 pyramid tea bags


Delicious infusion based on Black Tea, Aroma, Cocoa, Coconut and Macadamia Nut. An infusion of brown color and sweet taste and aroma of walnuts, almonds and truffle that you will not be able to stop taking. Different formats.

Tea & Chocolate Unit case: Pyramidal case containing a 1.8 g pyramidal bag. net of product. A perfect infusion container for the hospitality industry. Tea & Chocolate Jar of 20 pyramidal bags: Cardboard jar with 20 pyramidal bags of 1.8 g. net of infusion.

Tea & Chocolate Strand cut pot: Cardboard pot with 115 g. net of product for those who prefer a quality bulk infusion.

La Tetera Azul is a brand of gourmet infusions of the best quality that recovers the taste for small moments of pleasure, where a smell, a flavor, help you remember a moment or make you enjoy new sensations.

Nutritional table

Per 100 g.

Per tablespoon (1.8 g.)


10 g.

0.2 g.

Total sugars

6 g.

0.1 g.


4 g.

0.1 g.


21 g.

0.4 g.


1 g.

0.0 g.

Energy value

580 kJ / 137 kcal

10 kJ / 2 kcal

Properties and Benefits of Tea & Chocolate

Increased energy and vitality

Unlike other beverages that have a relatively higher caffeine content, the low amounts found in tea can help improve blood flow to the brain without overstimulating the heart. It also stimulates the metabolism and the respiratory system, as well as the heart and kidneys.

Better immune system

Black tea contains alkylamine antigens that help stimulate our immune response. In addition, it also contains tannins that have the ability to fight viruses and therefore keep us protected from influenza, stomach flu and other viruses that are commonly found in our daily lives.

Healthy digestive tract

In addition to improving your immune system, tannins also have a therapeutic effect on gastric and intestinal diseases and also help decrease digestive activity.

Stress Relief

We all know and have a lot of experience about the calming and relaxing benefits of black tea. Not only does it help you relax after a long day, studies show that the amino acid L-theanine found in black tea can help you relax and focus better.

Lower risk of diabetes

Based on a research study conducted with older people living on the Mediterranean islands, it was found that people who had long-term consumed black tea at a moderate level (i.e. 1-2 cups per day) were 70% less likely to have or develop type 2 diabetes.

Healthy bones

It has also been suggested that regular tea drinkers have stronger bones and a lower chance of developing arthritis due to the phytochemicals found in tea.


Black tea contains polyphenols, which are also antioxidants that help block DNA damage associated with tobacco or other toxic chemicals. These antioxidants are different from those obtained from fruits and vegetables and therefore as a regular part of our diet can provide additional benefits towards a healthy lifestyle. < / p>

A better heart

As identified by Arab L. et al. In their 2009 research article called "Green and Black Tea Consumption and Risk of Stroke: A Meta-Analysis", it is observed that regardless of people's country of origin, people who consume 3 or more cups of tea have a 21% lower risk of stroke than people who consume less than 1 cup of green or black tea a day.

Oral health

Studies suggest that black tea reduces plaque formation and restricts growth.or bacteria that promote tooth decay and cavities. The polyphenols found in black tea kill and outcompete the bacteria that cause cavities, as well as hinder the growth of bacterial enzymes that form the sticky material that binds plaque to our teeth.

Ingredients: Classic Tea, cocoa kernels, coconut chips, macadamia nuts and aroma.

How to prepare:

Pyramidal bags: Introduce a Tea & Chocolate Premium bag of La Tetera Azul in a cup and add water (150-200ml) to the boil. Cover and let stand 5 minutes. Remove the bag and sweeten if desired to taste. 

Tea infusion pot & chocolate in bulk slit: Introduce hot water in a preheated teapot and a teaspoon of tea. Let stand 5 minutes. Filter and serve.

The material with which the pyramids of Tea & Chocolate Premium bag of La Tetera Azul are made is a derivative of cornstarch, which is biodegradable. Therefore it is not necessary to separate the sachet of its contents when throwing it in the trash, the whole set can be thrown in the bucket of organic material since it is biodegradable.

5 min. 90º


Contains dried fruit and nuts: walnut


Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerant

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products

Vegan friendly