About Pharmadus

Pharmadus Botanicals S. L., is the only pharmaceutical laboratory in Europe specialized in herbal teas packaging. Heirs of the expertise of 'Infusiones La Leonesa', we have more than 50 years experience studying and loving plants to take good care of people.


Since 2006 we are located in Camponaraya, León. Our factory has more than 10.000 square metres and there, we make more than 100 million of 45 varieties of herbal teas each year. Our constant commitment to quality and our investment in innovation make us the first Spanish multinational in our sector.


In addition, our biggest value: the soul of the company. Pharmadus make infusions able to create sensations, smells and flavours that go far beyond the palate. This point and our ingredients (chosen carefully and with the higher quality), give us this added value that defines us.

Fiscal data

Pharmadus Botanicals S.L.

CIF: B24470171

Pol. Ind. Camponaraya, Sector 2 · Parcela 3

24410 Camponaraya León (Spain)

Telf.: 987 464072    -    Fax: 987 464073

Email: [email protected]      -      Web: www.pharmadus.com


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    (Degrees/Minutes/Seconds)   Latitude: 42º 34' 10.005" // Longitude: -6º 39' 49.1214"

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