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    The best green nettle in bulk Helps Botanicals. A natural diuretic that helps strengthen the immune system.

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    Contains five Herb Lemon Mint Apple infusions and five of Moringa, Matcha and Mango , perfect for pairing with cheese. Discover the magic of its contrasts on your palate

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    A singularity smooth cup… as pleasant as a caress, a hug, a kiss or a smile. A moment to regain calmness.

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    A singularity smooth cup… as pleasant as a caress, a hug, a kiss or a smile. A moment to regain calmness.

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Nettle is a highly nutritious food and a good source of energy. In addition, it contains abundant fiber that helps fight constipation and relieves intestinal transit.

Although it is a weed that we associate with strong itching when we brush against it, nettle is a plant that has been consumed since ancient times due to its numerous benefits.

On the other hand, it has diuretic properties that allow us to eliminate toxins. It also helps to protect the stomach, the production of bile and promotes digestion.

It also contains iron, which helps fight anemia and promotes the production of red blood cells. It also contains folic acid, essential for pregnant women and developing children.

Properties and Health Benefits of Nettle

Diuretic and draining properties

The diuretic properties of this plant help, in addition to eliminating liquid, to counteract the effects of diseases such as gout, arthritis or kidney stones. The properties of nettle root have also been used to combat some urination disorders, such as the uncontrollable urge to urinate or urinary discomfort at night.

Remineralizing effect

Nettle has remineralizing properties thanks to the minerals and trace elements present in its leaves. Iron, another component of this plant, is an effective treatment to prevent or combat anemia.

This same remineralizing action produces a tonic effect on the body. Many of the symptoms related to teetotalism, such as weakness or physical fatigue, can be treated with nettle. Especially if this exhaustion is due to a deficit of minerals in the body.

Depurative effect

Its depurative effect is high. It is a plant that has purifying effects on the body, especially on the skin. Its properties help regulate sebum production and this has beneficial consequences in cases of psoriasis, eczema and even acne.

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