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Helps Botanicals Stevia ECO in bulk are stevia leaves of the highest quality for natural sweetening.


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Natural stevia is a plant that has become popular because of the sweetness of its leaves, which are 15 to 30 times sweeter than sugar.

Benefits of natural stevia

Although we know stevia as a natural sweetener, it is a medicinal plant that we can use as such, whether we use the stevia leaf, whole leaf or powdered, thanks to its properties:

  •     It does not contribute calories, it has no impact on glycaemia or blood sugar.
  •     Antibacterial.
  •     Vasodilator.
  •     Diuretic.
  •     Immunomodulatory.

These benefits of natural stevia make it a useful plant in the treatment of:

Stevia and diabetes

The first interest of natural stevia for a diabetic is that its extract or infusion does not provide any calories or carbohydrates. Furthermore, it has no impact on blood glucose levels or insulin response.

According to some studies, it appears that stevia consumption reduces the blood glucagon response (the hormone that regulates glucose levels), a response that is often ineffective in diabetics.

Stevia and obesity

On the one hand, stevia helps weight reduction for the simple reason that it sweetens without adding calories. Since it also favours the glucose and glucagon response, as mentioned above, it supports a more effective carbohydrate metabolism.

At this point it is also interesting to note the usefulness of its use in children's diets, as childhood obesity is largely related to excessive consumption of refined sugars.

Stevia and blood pressure

Stevia has a blood vessel dilating effect, it can also increase diuresis or excretion of urine and sodium. As a result, it can lower blood pressure.
Stevia and dental plaque

Natural stevia is also very beneficial for dental plaque by chewing its leaves, suppressing the growth of bacteria such as Streptococcus mutans, which is responsible for tooth decay. It is also useful for gingivitis and oral ulcers.

Uses of stevia leaf:

This is stevia in its whole, medicinal form. It can be consumed fresh, chewed as it is, in salads, in smoothies. The most common way to consume it is in dried leaves for infusions, as any other medicinal herb.

Dosage of stevia leaf:

To sweeten infusions or teas, infuse 1 to 3 leaves per cup when making this drink.


Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni.

How to prepare

It is advisable to use it as an accompaniment to other plants or herbs. Prepare the infusion or tea of your choice and add a few leaves of Stevia when you infuse it.

Gluten free, suitable for coeliacs

Sugar-free, suitable for diabetics

Lactose-free, suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Not genetically modified

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians