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    A new generation of wellness teas and flavor, so that everyone, young and old, can enjoy their benefits.

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    • Helps Kombucha

      Kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented beverage based on sweetened tea. This fermentation process transforms the sweetened tea into a 100% natural drink with a wide range of organic acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

    • Helps Functional

      But while most settle for flavor, it carefully combines herbs, leaves, and roots to make blends that will helps restore everything from your daily energy to your nightly rest.

    • Helps Balance Ayurvedics

      Ayurvedic herbal teas. Rebalance body and mind. Ayurveda means "science or knowledge of life". Actually, HELPS BALANCE is a lifestyle which promotes and shows how to protect our health.

    • Helps Botanicals

      A selection of essential herbs without additives. Only the best of each plant selected with the scientific rigour to be expected from Pharmadus Botanicals. The legacy of nature made infusion.

    • Helps Active

      They provide effective help when your body needs it most.

    • Helps Pyramids

      Pyramidal tea, 100% natural and selected, a treat for your body.

    • Helps Kids

      Infusions especially developed to relieve common discomforts of smaller and tailored for your palate.

    • Helps Senior

      Infusions developed to help mature people to stay healthy and vital. A great partner to enjoy wellness and the best complement for a healthy lifestyle.

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