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    A new generation of wellness teas and flavor, so that everyone, young and old, can enjoy their benefits.

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    • Helps Kombucha

      Kombucha is a non-alcoholic fermented beverage based on sweetened tea. This fermentation process transforms the sweetened tea into a 100% natural drink with a wide range of organic acids, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

    • Helps Functionals

      They provide effective help when your body needs it most.

    • Helps Balance Ayurvedics

      Ayurvedic herbal teas. Rebalance body and mind. Ayurveda means "science or knowledge of life". Actually, HELPS BALANCE is a lifestyle which promotes and shows how to protect our health.

    • Helps Botanicals

      A selection of essential herbs without additives. Only the best of each plant selected with the scientific rigour to be expected from Pharmadus Botanicals. The legacy of nature made infusion.

    • Helps Pyramids

      Pyramidal tea, 100% natural and selected, a treat for your body.

    • Helps Kids

      Infusions especially developed to relieve common discomforts of smaller and tailored for your palate.

    • Helps Senior

      Infusions developed to help mature people to stay healthy and vital. A great partner to enjoy wellness and the best complement for a healthy lifestyle.

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    • 22,73 € In Stock

      Enjoy a super survival time with our package formed by:1 Helps Breathe 1 Helps Go Regular 1 Helps Digest 1 Helps Detox 1 Helps Rest and Relax 1 Helps Live 2 Take Away cups

      22,73 €
      In Stock
    • 2,05 € In Stock

      A whisper of mint and lavender for the freshest Kombucha. Discover the long and smooth taste of this drink made with our best selection of teas

      2,05 €
      In Stock
    • 2,05 € In Stock

      Exotic and citrus drink based on green and black tea, tangerine and star anise. Without a doubt our most fun and spicy Kombucha

      2,05 €
      In Stock
    • 2,05 € In Stock

      Natural, sparkling... A light and seductive drink with cane sugar, green tea, black tea, currant and cranberry juice.

      2,05 €
      In Stock
    • 2,05 € In Stock

      A citrus punch for a refreshing and insinuating drink with ginger juice and lemongrass.

      2,05 €
      In Stock
    • 7,85 € In Stock

      Enjoy the 100% natural alternative to the usual soft drink, a pack created to enjoy the best natural flavors of our Kombucha

      7,85 €
      In Stock
    • 3,91 € In Stock

      “It helps to reduce oxidant activity of free radicals”

      3,91 €
      In Stock
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