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Tea Aromas Sonantes 100g



Aromas Sonantes is the flavour of Transita, 13 FIP Guadalquivir. From La Tetera Azul we have exclusively created this tea with aromas that translate the softness of the Silk Road and flavours that will transport you to another time and another place. Let yourself be carried away by this wonderful tea!


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  • Teabox with loose herbal tea ( 100 g. - 40 infusions)


The Silk Road has a special flavour in its 13th Edition of the FIP Guadalquivir. La Tetera Azul has been in charge of creating a tea and an infusion inspired by all the countries that transited this special and unique journey, taking into account the fragrances, spices, teas, dehydrated fruits...

Aromas sonantes is a tea and an infusion created exclusively for you, music lover and for this undoubtedly magical date. Designed to inspire you with every sip, you will vibrate to the sound of music while you enjoy Aromas Sonantes in its tea or infusion version.

The flavour of Transita, 13 FIP Guadalquivir

La Tetera Azul has created an exclusive tea and infusion for the 13th edition of the FIP Guadalquivir.

With aromas that translate the softness of the Silk Road, the fineness and delicacy guarded by instruments that accompany the tedious and long walk of these long journeys, the transports and the stops for the rests where by the fire, food was shared and infusions were drunk in which spices that were transported from East to West were mixed.

Accompanying a scent with music and imagining the colour of the mixture in the sound complements your sense of smell.

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Ingredients: Apple, White Tea, Fig (figs, rice flour), Dates (dates, rice flour), cinnamon, flavouring, ginger, cardamom, marigold, red rose, cloves.

It has the characteristic bitter taste of tea with flavoured fruits.

To brew this bulk tea correctly, we recommend putting hot water in a preheated teapot and 2 grams of Aromas Sonantes tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Filter and serve.

Gluten free, suitable for coeliacs

Sugar-free, suitable for diabetics

Lactose-free, suitable for lactose intolerant people

Not genetically modified