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Blue Oolong Tea



One of the most charismatic teas in the world, semi-oxidized, with a smooth and refined flavor.


8,14 €

  • 20 pyramid tea bags


One of the most charismatic teas in the world, semi-oxidised, with a smooth and refined taste.

Enjoy a pleasant melody to calculate the infusion time by reading the QR code on the infusion label with your smartphone.


Noted for its high antioxidant power, which benefits the immune system. This is attributed to the high presence of catechins in its composition. These substances are flavonoids and have a great capacity to protect cells and delay ageing

Preserves the cardiovascular system and regulates blood sugar levels.

Catechins also help to improve blood pressure and reduce blood sugar levels, limiting the effects of diabetes. In the latter case, keep in mind that tea is only a supplement, not a medicine.

Helps weight loss and is diuretic.

It also acts as a fat burner. When you drink it, it stops your body from assimilating all the fat you ingest and even helps to eliminate fat from your body.


Oolong Tea

How to prepare:

Put a pyramid in a cup and add boiling water. Cover and let it infuse for 5 minutes so that the flowers unfold all their essences. Serve it in those two-handed cups and warm your spirits anytime.

Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerant

Sugar free, suitable for diabetics

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products

Vegan friendly