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Forest Fruits



Forest fruits of La Tetera Azul is a surprising cocktail of hibiscus, raisins, blueberries and blackcurrants, which will fascinate your palate and delight your senses.


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  • 20 pyramid tea bags


A surprising blend of hibiscus, grape, blueberry, blackcurrant, elderberry and aromas. A red infusion with a berry scent and a fresh, fruity, berry flavour. A must-have in the herbal tea cupboard to drink hot or cold.

La Tetera Azul is a brand of gourmet infusions of the best quality that recovers the taste for the small moments of pleasure, where a smell, a taste, help you to remember a moment or make you enjoy new sensations.

Anti-inflammatory properties

The amount of antioxidants such as flavonoids that berries contain make them a great natural anti-inflammatory. This property helps not only to reduce local pain and swelling, but also to soothe chronic discomfort such as osteoarthritis or irritable bowel syndrome.

Cardiovascular benefits

Berries are vasodilators, which notably benefits the circulatory system by lowering blood pressure. In addition, their nutritional properties are of great help in reducing LDL cholesterol or 'bad cholesterol', thus increasing the levels of HDL cholesterol or 'good cholesterol'. The elimination of this type of unhealthy cholesterol from the arteries helps to prevent cardiovascular problems and heart attacks.

Improve skin health

Again, it is the antioxidant power of berries that causes the free radicals responsible for cell degeneration and thus skin ageing to be fought. Thanks to the antioxidants, the dermis maintains much better hydration, as well as being more supple and toned.

They help to take care of your figure

Very low in calories and very healthy. In addition, their richness in fibre regulates bowel movements, even helping to prevent gas and constipation. Berries are also a natural detoxifier thanks to their diuretic properties, which help the body eliminate toxins.

In addition to the above, the properties of berries infusions have general benefits for the eyes, due to their high vitamin A content; for the urinary tract, thanks to the protection that antioxidants provide to the immune system; and for the memory, as flavonoids have neuroprotective properties.


Hibiscus, raisins, blueberries and currants

How to prepare:

Put a pyramid in a cup and add boiling water. Cover and let it infuse for 5 minutes so that the flowers unfold all their essences. Serve it in those two-handed cups and warm your spirits anytime.

Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerant

Sugar free, suitable for diabetics

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products

Vegan friendly