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Manasul Respir Inmuno Protect



Due to its content in echinacea, eucalyptus, mint, linden and thyme, Manasul Respir Immuno Protect facilitates respiratory health and contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system. Contains 25 infusions in a traditional bag.

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  • 25 tea bags


Container with FSC forest certification. In addition, the outer packaging of the box is not plastic , it is a 100% compostable biofilm made with renewable plant materials.

Do not consume in case of allergy to any of these plants and do not exceed the daily dose. Eucalyptus is contraindicated in cases of gastrointestinal inflammation or severe liver problems. In case of diabetes with medication, eucalyptus should be consumed with caution because it can reduce blood glucose levels.

Contains 25 infusions.

Benefits and properties of Manasul Respir Immuno Protect

This infusion facilitates the health of the respiratory system and contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system thanks to the action of:


Immune system estimation system due to root components such as cichoric acid and polysaccharides. It inhibits the proliferation of bacteria and promotes healing, which is why it is used to treat skin conditions such as wounds, abscesses or eczema, even mild acne.


In the sheets of In eucalyptus there are substances that help you breathe better and that function as microbes. This means that they function as eliminators of those microorganisms (bacteria, microbes) that produce infectious processes in the respiratory system and tract. That is why eucalyptus helps reduce inflammation and relieve pain in any part of the body (legs, throat, cravings, etc.)

Bacteria produce infections that normally inflame different parts of the body, that is why eucalyptus is used, since in these cases it works by eliminating and reducing pain. In this way the throat and mucous membranes are cleaned, producing a state of freshness.

Eucalyptus also works To reduce inflammation and relieve pain in the joints when suffering from gout, rheumatism, osteoarthritis or any muscle ailment due to physical actions.

Eucalyptus, thanks to its aromatic and menthol oils, helps to decongest the nasal passages, causing respiratory fluidity. From the eucalyptus leaves and its oil, steam baths are made to inhale the beneficial aromas. Thus, the expulsion of mucus is facilitated, which prevents easy and comfortable breathing and relieves and eliminates coughs.


It is a natural remedy widely used in case of bronchitis, cough or colds. Due to its decongestant action, menthol helps reduce congestion in the lungs, nose and throat. It also treats coughs and asthma. This is due to its anticoagulant properties, so it relieves headaches, leg swelling, etc. The mint infusion is used to relieve heavy digestions due to its digestive effect. It also reduces odor-causing bacteria in the mouth.


Thanks to its composition, linden is one of the oldest natural relaxants that exist. The plant extract helps reduce blood pressure. In addition, it slows down the heart rate, which allows vasodilation and helps prevent thrombosis.


Thyme is a nutrient-rich herb. Contains high fiber content, which helps fight constipation and regulates intestinal transit. On the other hand, although the calcium in vegetables is not absorbed as well as others such as milk, thyme is high in calcium and phosphorus, necessary for the maintenance of bones. and teeth.

Thyme can also be taken as an infusion to combat problems such as stomach pain, diarrhea, or as a diuretic, eliminating toxins through the urine. It is also advisable in cases of asthma, sore throat and cough. In addition, its juice is used as a bactericide for mouthwashes.

Ingredients : Echinacea , eucalyptus, linden, mint, thyme and aroma.

How to prepare:

Take up to 3 infusions a day infusion a day and one before going to bed and ... breathe, put boiling water in a cup. Insert a sachet of Manasul Respir Immuno Protect and cover. Let it infuse for 5 minutes. Without haste, with love And that's it!

5 min. 100º

Gluten free, suitable for celiacs

Lactose free, suitable for lactose intolerant

Not genetically modified

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

FACE / AETI Agreement: # did you know that any cup of tea or infusion is suitable for celiacs. ..