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    Contains five infusions of rosemary with anise and five of dew, perfect for pairing with cheese . Try the infusion of rosemary with aniseed with cheeses with a natural moldy soft crust or the infusion of dew accompanied by young lactics with moldy rind. A unique experience for the palate.

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    A pleasant flavor will awake your senses. It is ideal to enjoy after  meal,  with Friends and family.

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    With a balance blend of organic horsetail and meadowsweet facilitate the removal functions of the body. green tea and rosemary give you more energy.

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    Manasul Hepa-T contains boldo, rosemary, turmeric and dandelion which facilitates hepatic function and promotes your digestive well-being. Contains 25 infusions in a traditional bag.

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    Helps Botanicals Rosemary ECO in bulk are the best quality rosemary leaves to create an infusion full of flavour and aroma.

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Rosemary, whose scientific name is Rosmarinus officinalis, is rich in flavonoid compounds, terpenes and phenolic acids that give it its antioxidant properties. In addition to this, rosemary is antiseptic, carminative, depurative, antispasmodic, antibiotic and diuretic.

Rosemary infusions are characterized by their flavor, aroma and health benefits that include: improving digestion, relieving headaches, promoting hair growth and combating frequent fatigue.

Properties and Health Benefits of Rosemary

Improves digestion

Rosemary tea can be taken after lunch or dinner, being useful to improve the digestive process, helping to combat acidity and excess gas. In this way it decreases abdominal distension, the feeling of fullness and lack of appetite.

Excellent natural antibiotic

Due to its medicinal properties, rosemary has antibiotic action, being more effective against Escherichia coli, Salmonella typhi, S. enteritidis and Shigella sonei, which cause urinary tract infection, vomiting and diarrhea.

Despite this, it should not exclude the intake of medications indicated by the doctor, but it is an excellent way to recover faster.

Excellent diuretic

Rosemary tea is an excellent natural diuretic and can be used in diets to lose weight and combat fluid retention in the body. This tea increases urine production, stimulating the body to eliminate accumulated fluids and toxins, improving health.

Combats mental fatigue

Several studies have proven the benefits of rosemary for brain function, being an excellent help for periods of stress such as before and during exams, or before and after very important work meetings.

In addition to this, the properties of rosemary seem to fight Alzheimer's disease, preventing memory loss, but more studies must be done so that it can be used in the production of drugs against Alzheimer's disease.

Purifies the liver

Rosemary could improve the functioning of the liver and decrease the headache that arises after overeating, mainly meals with high fat content or alcoholic beverages.

However, it should not be used in case of liver disease without medical guidance, as it is known to exert hepatoprotective effect but its effectiveness in this type of disease has not yet been proven.

Helps to control diabetes

Rosemary tea also helps to keep diabetes under control, because it lowers glucose and increases insulin. The intake of this tea does not exclude the use of medications recommended by the doctor and the realization of a proper diet, and should be ingested as a complement to medical and nutritional treatment.

Reduces inflammation

The consumption of rosemary tea is also excellent for combating inflammation, relieving pain, swelling and discomfort. So it helps fight inflammation in the knees, tendonitis, and even gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach.

Improves circulation

Rosemary has antiplatelet effect, so it is very useful for those who suffer from circulatory problems or who need to rest for a few days, in these cases, improves blood circulation and prevents the formation of thrombi, which could obstruct circulation. So an excellent recommendation is to ingest this tea after surgery, for example.

It could favor hair growth

In addition to all this, rosemary tea without sugar can be used to wash your hair, because it strengthens the strands, helping to combat excessive oiliness and dandruff. It also promotes hair growth because it improves scalp circulation.

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