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Helps Botanicals Cardo Mariano BIO bulk 100% natural. A natural detoxifying and regenerator liver.


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  • Loose herbal tea 100 gr.
  • Pack 3 Bulk Bag


Milk thistle in bulk of the best quality. A medicinal plant with digestive properties, protective action of the liver and antioxidant. Yellowish-brown smell infusion. Herbaceous aroma, intense, reminiscent of pipes. Herbaceous flavor, dry, with slightly salty notes. Packed in kraft and polypropylene paper bag that keeps all the properties intact, containing 100 grams net of milk thistle. The best of each plant with the scientific rigor of Pharmadus Botanicals to create the best healthy infusions.

Ingredients: Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertner (fruit)

How to prepare:

The seeds of the thistle, being harder parts, require a method of preparation by decoction instead of by infusion for the correct extraction of the active principles. In this case, we recommend placing 300-350 ml of cold water in a suitable container and pouring 2-3 grams of seeds into it. We heat and boil for 15 minutes, after that time we filter the water and let it cool a little before drinking it.

Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerant

Sugar free, suitable for diabetics

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products

Vegan friendly