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Lemon flavored black tea

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The aroma of black tea joins the fragrance of lemon juice to offer you a delicate and refreshing drink. The most tasty and natural nectar to combat high temperatures and rehydrate the body.

Each unit contais 20 envelopes.

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The exquisiteness of the black tea accompanied by refreshing lemon make a cold tea the best option for the long days of heat, this soluble infusion is a pleasure for your palate and a great companion for this summer season.
Each unit contains 20 envelopes.

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Nutritional table:

Nutritional values

100 ml

3 g.

Energetic Value

19.0 KJ / 4.5 kcal

47.5 KJ / 11.3 kcal


0.0 g.

0.0 g.

Of which:


0.0 g.  0.0 g.


1.12 g.

2.79 g.

Of which:


0.01 g.

0.03 g.


0.01 g.

0.03 g.


0.003 g.

0.007 g.


Maltodextrin, acidulant (citric acid), black tea extract (Camellia sinensis), natural caramel coloring, lemon juice powder, sweeteners (sucralose and steviol glycosides), aroma, vitamin C, anti-caking agent (E 551). 

How to prepare:

Dissolve the envelope (3 gr) in a mixing glass with water (500 ml) cover it and shake until it's completely dissolved. Pour it in a tall glass or glass with lots of ice, decorate with a slice of lemon and a few leaves of fresh mint.

Modo de preparación de los Tés fríos de La Tetera Azul.

Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerants

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products