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Infusion inspired by Ayurveda: traditional Indian medicine that sees health as more than the absence of disease: the balance between body, mind and spirit.



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  • Teabox with loose herbal tea ( 70 g.)
  • Bolsa (15 pirámides)


This infusion is made up of a combination of hawthorn leaves, hypericum, camomile, orange blossom, passionflower, valerian, combined with other plants that give this infusion a fruity aroma and a sweet and spicy flavour. Perfect for those moments when you need to relax. Peace by Helps  Balance  has two presentations to choose from: a zip-lock bag containing 70 grams of infusion in bulk, or a zip-lock bag containing 15 pyramid-shaped sachets.


In order to take into account each of the qualities of this fantastic infusion, we must analyse the natural active ingredients of which it is composed:


The flowers improve the functions of the cardiovascular system. This is one of the most important benefits of hawthorn consumption. It is considered a cardiotonic plant. It also dilates blood vessels, acts as an antioxidant and helps to keep blood pressure at normal levels. It has calming and antispasmodic properties that prevent anxiety, insomnia and stress.

It is commonly used during the menopause. Flavonoids improve circulation, regulate palpitations, reduce anxiety and reduce hot flushes. It is used to reduce digestive problems such as vomiting, stomach pain or diarrhoea.


Scientific research is once again focusing on its beneficial action on low moods. We now know that hypericum, with its complex chemical composition, is an effective aid against discouragement and depression, due to its action on various neurotransmitters, chemical substances that our body produces and which are closely related to emotions and moods.
Over the last 20 years, numerous clinical studies have shown its usefulness in the treatment of low mood, depression, anxiety, night terrors and neurovegetative disorders associated with the menopause.


For thousands of years, chamomile has been used as an infusion to treat various problems of the digestive system. Because of its chamazulene content, it is ideal for heavy digestions, as an anti-inflammatory and to prevent bloating, flatulence and belching.
Chamomile also contributes to optimal mental and physical relaxation. It relaxes our body and prepares us for a better night's rest. This action is caused by apigenin, a flavonoid found in chamomile. This flavonoid combines with benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, providing a relaxing effect to reduce anxiety.

Therefore, not only does it have an effect on the digestive system, but it also helps us to get a good night's sleep.


Thanks to its sedative and anti-inflammatory properties, orange blossom is widely used to relieve pain such as headaches or migraines. For sore throats and coughs, it is highly recommended to take an infusion made with orange blossom, which can be complemented with other natural ingredients such as honey, lemon or cinnamon.

Due to its high pectin content, orange blossom facilitates the treatment of stomach problems such as heavy and slow digestion, nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. Due to its high iron and potassium content, it also helps to combat anaemia.

The anxiolytic and hypnotic properties of orange blossom help to combat stress and anxiety. It also helps to fall asleep.


Passionflower is known to relieve nervousness and promote sleep. Numerous studies have confirmed that the anxiolytic and sedative action of passionflower is due to the presence of all its active ingredients. The absence of side effects and contraindications means it is widely used.


Valerian acts as a sedative agent, relaxing the nervous system and the brain.
It is also recommended for stress and anxiety-related conditions with other reactions such as nervous disorders, headaches and migraines, and stomach pains.

It also relieves symptoms of anxiety, emotionality or sadness. It also helps to stabilise the heart rhythm, which is why its intake may be recommended for people suffering from arrhythmias.


Rich in antioxidants that can help fight the damaging effects of free radicals on your body.
Antioxidants also contribute to younger looking skin. The tannins and phenolic compounds it contains promote collagen production, helping to delay cellular ageing.

Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it ideal for skin care.

Ginger, orange peel, cinnamon and cardamom provide polyphenols that help prevent cell damage, relieve inflammation and help improve metabolism. They also contribute characteristic aromas and flavours to this infusion.

Drinking herbal teas throughout the day is a very healthy way to stay hydrated and contribute to our physical, mental and emotional well-being, providing our body with substances that help it to function properly. And we can do so while enjoying pleasant aromas and flavours.

Ingredients: Apple, blueberry leaves, ginger, orange peel, cinnamon, hawthorn leaves, St John’s wort, chamomile flower, orange blossom, passionflower, valerian root, natural flavouring and cardamon.

How to prepare:

Introduce a bag of Helps Peace in a cup and add water (150-200ml) to boil. Cover and let stand 5 minutes. Remove the bag and sweeten if desired to taste.

5 min. 100º

How to prepare in bulk format:

Place 2 grams of Helps Peace in a kettle of water at 100 degrees Celsius. Cover and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Then, with the help of a filter, pour the infusion into a cup.

Gluten free, suitable for gluten intolerant

Sugar free, suitable for diabetics

Diary free, suitable for diay intolerant

Not genetic modified products

Vegan friendly