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Assorted Box La Tetera Azul

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This box contains 24 infusions of 12 different blend (two infusions of each product).

33,00 €

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  • Box with 24 pyramid tea bags
  • Pack of 2 Boxes of 24 pcs.


It contains:

2 pyramids of green tea.

2 pu-erh red tea pyramids.

2 pyramids of white tea.

2 rooibos relax pyramids.

2 pyramids of digestive tea.

2 pyramids of berries.

2 pyramids of chamomile.

2 pyramids of blue oolong tea.

2 pyramids of english breakfast.

2 mint pyramids.

2 pyramids of love roobios.

2 pyramids of linden flowers.

Put a pyramid in a cup and add boiling water. Cover and let it infuse for 5 minutes so that the flowers unfold all their essences. Serve it in those two-handed cups and warm your spirits anytime.